Decide if you want to receive team escalations for missed tasks deadlines and/ or plan date

Mukesh Agarwal is the CEO of an analytics firm. Often is the case, that employees in his firm end up missing plan dates and deadlines. 

Though they are efficient performers, they do forget sometimes. 

So when Mukesh approached us we said “Fret not, for we do have a solution” 

If you want to enable team escalations for the above two things, go to ‘Teams’ and click on any team. 

As the window appears, under ‘Team’ click on ‘My Preference’. Click on ‘Yes’ for both the questions.

Set reminder preferences for missed plan dates and deadlines 

Michelle is a senior manager at a firm. 

“Sometimes we miss the set deadlines and plan dates. As a result, there is confusion” she says. 

Now, you have the choice of deciding whether to receive task plan date, task deadline, task overdue reminders. 

To enable them, Go to Preferences > Email preference and choose the desired option.

We all do know that sometimes things don’t start as planned or end on time.

So, now you can receive recurring reminder notifications for missed plan dates and missed plan deadlines through emails. You can also receive the same for task overdue

Hide unwanted or inactive projects and tasks

Jane Williams is a formidable manager who is an asset to her organization. Such people are often hard to come by. 

She is often heard telling “ There are too many tasks in the sidebar. It is cumbersome. I hope there is a way to hide them”. 

Seeing the sidebar filled with unwanted or old projects creates confusion. 

Well there is good news for Susan and many others. Now you can hide them.

 You can now choose to hide them and filter them through ‘hidden projects’ filter. 

Once done, this applies to all the team members. 

To unhide the project, click on ‘show’. 

Set/Clear plan dates with no plan time 

Anirudh Modi is a senior full stack developer at a firm. He leads a team of six.

All his team members meet the deadlines on time and he does not see the need to set a plan time. 

Now, all of us really start working when a project or task is assigned without sticking to particular time. This is not the case when it comes to deadlines. 

We too agree with him. After all it’s about getting the work done right.

So, it’s now possible to set a plan date without having plan time.

Have a plan day in time but no time deadline for the same ?

This is can be done by unchecking the ‘set plan time’ option. 

Also, set a time but want to change it? 

You can now change it by clicking on ‘clear’ to change it.

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