Projects need a dashboard for reporting don't they?

Project Admins have an option to download an MS Excel compatible excel file with the dashboard for your project tasks.

Menu option for downloading the dashboard

Here is a project dashboard downloaded for a sample project; that has been downloaded using the Excel download menu option. 

The Project Dashboard displays the following charts

  • Project Tasks Status
  • Project Tasks by Deadline Status
  • Project Tasks by Stage
  • Project Tasks Status by Resources
  • Tasks completed v/s tasks remaining  

Great reporting tool for your clients

  • You can share the project dashboard file with clients without inviting them to Zapty. All they need to do is click on 'Refresh All' regularly to get Live updates.
  • Clients will get Live updates on your project so share only if you really want to.

Customize the dashboard for your needs

  • You can use the info on the 'Livedata' TAB to add your own charts. Just make sure to keep refreshing your data to update the charts.
  • We recommend you add charts on new Sheets/TABs on this Excel file.

Available on desktop browsers only.

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Annotate, resolve Adobe PDF files

Go beyond just image annotation; get started with annotating, resolving while discussing the contents of PDF file uploaded in any conversation. Just click open the file...

And this is what happens...


On the top right corner, you see a green button "Annotate", click it to start annotating the document.

Then just select and comment/annotate

When selected the text is highlighted in red and on completion of commenting it turns yellow.

You can navigate from one annotation to the next as shown below

Resolving annotations

When you are done with the annotation and want to mark it as resolved; here is how it is done.

Excellent for marketing teams to proof creatives, and PDF documents.

Available on desktop browsers only.

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Resolve on Image

Now resolve image annotations. Here is an example; Neeraj's team has come across a new banner design for the company website. He wants to get that implemented for the website. He shares the banner image with the team with suggestions.

David checks out the design, after implementing the new banner marks the annotation A1 as resolved. 

The resolved annotation appears with a strikethrough as shown below

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