'Mark all threads as read' - Use this to mark umpteen unread messages as read  

We have introduced a new feature to do away with those irrelevant messages in the inbox. This feature is useful in marking all message threads as read. To do so, head to the drop down option and click the same. Below is the image of the same. 

On clicking the same, all unread threads will be marked read at once. Below is a demo of the same.

After all the messages are marked read, click 'Clear read threads' and you will will have an empty inbox. 

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Saving of filters in Tasks view 

You can now save filters in 'Tasks' view for viewing it later. Filters can be saved in tasks tab irrespective of the context. All the saved filters saved will be in the form of a list. Refer the below image for the same. 

To access the same, head to any of the tasks tab and click the filter icon present on the right. Below is a demo of the same. 

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Continue from the last project stage on which you had  lasted worked on 

Projects demand massive work and one can not be sure which stage they had last worked on. Now, its easy to continue from where you left. The project stage will be visible when you go back to the particular project. Below is a demo of the same. 

As evident from the above demo, the last stage prior to going to a different context was 'Recurring Tasks'. After returning to the same project (SEO), the stage is still 'Recurring Tasks'. 

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Copy bookmark and maximising task pane for details 

The task pane can be maximised now to get better view of the task details. In addition to this, the copy bookmark feature is available for tasks. To access the same, head to any task and click the particular task. Next, click the dropdown present at the right. 

You will then find 'Copy Bookmark' and 'Maximize' in the dropdown list. Below is a image for reference. 

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