Retain your brand while giving access to your clients, vendors. Useful for agencies working with multiple clients who prefer to deal with your brand.

Use your logo for the header as well as system messages.

You do need to subscribe for the Enterprise plan to enable branding.

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Guest Experience

Guests will see Teams, Discussions and Projects sections in the sidebar menu only if they are part of any team, discussion or project respectively.

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Projects - Add project tasks by email

Work can generate from emails received from customers, collaborators or vendors; and these emails are often required to initiate project tasks. Now all you need to do is forward these emails to any blue stage in a project (each blue stage will have a unique email ID). Example below
Email for Project: Marketing Activities and for blue stage: To do.

Email prepared and sent out for creating the project task.

Task created in blue stage.

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Projects - All Tasks

Project tasks can be viewed By Stage or even All Tasks (without the stage segregation). 

One example where you would need this view is when all tasks for task owners need to be reviewed.

Another example is when deadlines are to be reviewed across the entire project.

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