Working with repetitive tasks just got easier with task duplication.

Tasks with pre-defined checklists can be quickly duplicated as a fresh new task. This is especially useful for an SOP (standard operating procedure) that seldom changes. And each time the same sequence of minor activities need to be done to complete an entire task. In the above example it is a task for an SEO best practice.

A duplicate is created with a new task #.

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Copying a project with a new start date is a project manager's dream come true

Are you in need of copying the entire project including the stage configuration and all its tasks with a new start date?
Do you have a project which repeats every year?
Do you have a project template which needs to be re-used every time a new client is onboarded?
Or a large implementation roll-out schedule that needs to be adhered to for every new release?
You can achieve all of this now with a start date selection on copying an existing project / project template.

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