For the Web browser version V2.1.230; and the Android app Zapty v1.72.230 and iOS app Zapty v1.1.10

1. Inbox Experience, Threaded Conversations

The Problem

In real time conversations you cannot reply to a specific message when several other messages have followed that message; with no option of viewing a summary; nor can you have a contextual conversation for documents, images, tasks, polls, approval requests, messages.

The Solution

We have identified that in a conversation group/channel there can be multiple topics being discussed with each topic having its own contextual significance. The same can be easier to follow if the contextual messages are easy to read, clubbed together; as in a single “thread”. So in effect each contextual conversation will have its own “thread”; and the conversation group will have multiple threads for multiple contextual conversations. We can take the analogy from an email thread which carries all the context in one place; but applying that principle to real time conversations via “Contextual Threaded Conversations”. 

Zapty now has Contextual Threaded Conversations for 

  1. Conversations in a task
  2. Conversations in a choice poll, number poll or a text poll
  3. Conversations in an approval request
  4. Conversations on a file upload
  5. Annotations for an image, or
  6. Simply a threaded discussion/conversation initiated on a message


Contextual conversation for an image

Contextual conversation for a task


Read more about this in article Inbox experience, Threaded Conversations

2. Inviting members, guests; a tad simpler

Just click on the "Invite" button

You get a pop up window to enter the email Id of the person you are inviting.

And then you need to choose if this person should be invited as a Member or a Guest. Know more here Inviting Members, Guests to the Organization. You can also watch this video tutorial to know more.

3. Adding Projects, Teams, Discussions now very distinct

Now we have distinct add project, add teams, add discussion buttons on the Projects list, Teams list and Discussions list screens respectively.




Know more in the article Adding projects, teams, discussions simplified

4. Checklists and linked tasks

Checklist are nothing but a bunch of tasks which could just be ticked off when done or need to be planned / assigned to resources. Now create a linked task from a checklist item.

A linked task is created

Know more in this article All about Checklists

5. Task layout updates

Task Information has been re-organized for the user; so that they are able to clearly view relevant Information in the Info TAB

  • Assign
  • Plan
  • Set a deadline
  • Add Notes
  • Add checklist items to the task
  • View recent messages within the task, view all messages and reply (Messages TAB)

The Messages TAB is where you communicate in context of this task.

Send messages, add subtasks, polls, approvals, attach images, files here.

Subtasks have their own TAB instead of a menu option called “View Subtasks”

Threads TAB is for all threaded communication in the Parent task. For example if there are messages within a subtask or an annotation on an image which is uploaded within the task; they will appear here. You can open each one and read the context.

6. Zapty Support is just a "click" away

Ask a question whenever you want while using Zapty; we are there to respond to your queries in real-time.

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