Rename existing project folders using the sidebar 

Earlier, project folders could only be renamed in the ‘Settings’ of a particular project. In order to improve the accessibility and usability, we have introduced the renaming feature in the sidebar. For example you may want to change the folder name (which affects multiple projects), then all you need to do is change it from the Sidebar to change for all projects with this folder name.

Follow the above image for reference. 

Next time, whenever you wish to rename the folder, just go to the sidebar arrow next to the project folder. On clicking it, you will find the sidebar option ‘Rename folder’ appear. 

As you click the same, a small window like the one below will appear on the screen. 

Now, go ahead and type the name of an existing folder. Alternatively, you can type a name and create a new folder. After entering the name, a line mentioning the new name appears. All you need to do is save and the name change is reflected in the sidebar. 

However, it is to be noted that renaming a project folder is an exclusive right reserved only for project admins and not the members. The person need not necessarily be the creator but if he/she is added as the project admin, they can rename the folder.  

Watch the video below to know how it works. 

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View tasks by priority in the Tasks view 

It is now possible to view tasks according to the degree of priority. A new search filter ‘By priority’ has been introduced. This filter can be found in the Tasks view. 

The image below is a reference to the same. 

In order to ascertain the order of priority, you can drag and drop the tasks accordingly. The drag and drop option is available only for ‘By priority’ search option.  Follow the demo below for the same.

This option has been inspired by the Kanban board principle. You can use the ‘By priority’ search to ascertain the priority of tasks. Tasks can be dragged and dropped based on what should be the priority, higher up in the list is a higher priority and lower down in the list is a lower priority. This way you are better organized and priorities are set. 

The priority view can also be used to create tasks in any sequential order. By default, a new task is always on top. You can use Alt+Down/ Alt+Up to add a new task before or after the selected task. 

Watch the demo below to have a better understanding. 

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Add frequently used Labels to Favourites for easy accessibility

Labels have been introduced in order to easily prioritize messages, files and, tasks. If you have created numerous labels and a few of which are being used regularly, they can be added to ‘Favorites’. 

Just head to the Labels view and place the cursor on any of the labels. A context menu such as the one below will appear. 

Click ‘Add to favorites’ and you will see the label appear under the heading ‘Favorites’ in the sidebar. Below is an image of the same. 

As you can see from the above image, the label ‘High Priority’ appears under ‘Favorites’ in the sidebar. 

Watch the video to understand how it works.

To know more about adding labels to favorites, click here.

Drag and Drop entities under Projects, Discussions, People in the sidebar 

You can now rearrange entities under headings which are pivotal. By dragging and dropping them, you can place them accordingly. You can do so under Projects, Discussions, People. It is also possible to do so under ‘Favorites’ if there are numerous labels. 

Follow the demo below to understand how it works.

The arrangement can be done in order of priority, alphabetical order and the like. As you start dragging, you will see a hand symbol just like the one in the above demo. 

To know more about drag and drop, click here

Use Drill-down options for Tasks by Stage(Aging) to view detailed primary task info 

We have introduced the drill down option, yet again. This time the drill down option is available for Tasks by Stage(Aging). The drill down is particularly useful for viewing primary task info projected in the chart. 

Below is an image for reference. 

To access the drill down, click on the particular bar in the chart. A right pane which opens immediately is the drill down. As evident from the above image, details such as the task, folder name, project name, name of the creator and, date and time are visible. Follow the demo below to understand its function. 

On clicking a particular task, you can access the task. It will direct you to the task window. 

To know more about drill down options for Tasks by Stage(Aging), click here.

Configure chart view for all members of the project by applying chart settings 

We have made a few changes to the chart settings for all the dashboard charts. Earlier, changes in the chart would be reflected immediately but, now it does so only after you confirm and apply the same. 

The chart has settings which can be used to modify the chart access by adding the concerned members. It also can be used to show tasks specific to members and resizing it. 

Earlier, the change was visible to the members the minute the change was made. Now, the change will only be reflected when the admin applies the settings. 

To know more about chart settings, click here.

Auto mark unread messages as read in threads 

You can now choose to auto mark the messages as read/ unread after opening it in the right pane. 

To do this, head over to the profile preferences and scroll down. As you scroll down, you will find  ‘Auto mark as read options for thread’.  Refer the below image for the same. 


If you check the first option, the message won’t be marked as read when opened in the right pane. On checking the second option, the screen will appear as below. The below image is a reference of the same. 

As evident from the above image, the waiting time before marking the messages as read or unread can be set. The drop down as options ranging from 1 to 15 seconds. Whenever an unread message in the inbox is clicked, the right pane opens and the message is auto read at the end of the stipulated time. 

To know more about auto marking, click here

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