Use drill down option to view project task details 

As a part of this release, the drill down option is available for two charts i.e. ‘Status of Tasks by Planned Date’ and ‘Status of Tasks by Deadline’. 

The drill down option is a right pane window which opens when clicked on any of the bars in the chart. It gives details such as the name of the task and the creator of the task. Below is a demo and a sample image of the same. 


With the help of the drill down option, information such as the name of the task, task creator’s name, time of creation, the name of the project, and respective folder can be known. 

The above image shows the results of tasks which have no deadline date. This can be seen if you click on the ‘No deadline’ bar in the ‘Status of Tasks by Deadline’ chart.

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Attach labels to files and messages for better organization and priority

It’s a daunting task to find important messages and files in a cluttered inbox. Many equate it to finding a needle in a haystack. In the earlier release, we told you about attaching labels to tasks, polls, and approvals. 

Today, we will tell you how to attach labels to messages and files. 

While files are invariably a part of each project, messages are a catalyst in getting the work done on time. A clear and concise message goes a long way in establishing apogee in a project.

It’s for this reason, you might want to assign it a degree of importance. 

So, let’s start.

Upload a file in any of the teams or projects. The file should be uploaded to the message tab. Place the cursor on the message containing the file. You will find a context menu such as the one below appear. 

Click ‘Attach or remove label’. After doing so, a small window such as the one below will appear. 

Type in the specific label name and attach it.  Take a look at the image below.

The attached label will appear as below.  


Watch the video below to have a comprehensive understanding.

Now, that you have learnt to attach a label to a file. Repeat the same to attach a message. When you attach a label a message, the screen would appear as shown in the image below. 

Watch the video below to better comprehend attaching labels to messages.

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Introduction of a dedicated files tab for better organization of files

We now have a dedicated files tab to view and keep track of files. The files tab is visible under Teams, Projects, Discussion, Tasks, 1-to-1 chats, and threaded chats.

You can also view files by ‘By creation date(Oldest first)’ and ‘By creation date(Latest first)’.

Here is the sample image of the same.


Also, you can upload files to the tab. Learn the same by watching the demo below. 


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Search tasks using context under current filter selections and filter views according to deadline, plan date, and completed tasks

Searching for tasks has become a tad bit easier. You can search tasks with the help of a context. A new option ‘In context of’ has been added. It helps search under Teams, Discussions, Projects, Persons. 

Watch the below demo to use it. 

Also, you can now filter views to search tasks accordingly. The new filter options added are ‘By deadline’, ‘By plan date’, ‘Completed tasks’. 

The sample images below shows the same.


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View project folder name for project tasks under message threads 

It is now possible to view the specific folders when you receive project task updates threads in the inbox. 

It easier than ever before to know the correct folder under which a project task is assigned. As you can see from the above image, the entire details including the project name and the respective folder are now visible. 

Therefore, all team members would be aware and there would be no confusion regarding project tasks. 

This was done to distinguish client project folders with identical projects. 

The below image is a sample of the same.


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