Project calendar

Introducing a calendar view for your projects; with the options for a Day, Month, Timeline, Timeline Week and Timeline Month views

For example, here is the Timeline Month view

Calendar can also be filtered by resource name for granular review of work done or in progress for your team

Drag and drop tasks in the calendar view to re-plan

Exciting color coded margins for the tasks on the calendar

Refer article for details

Moving tasks

Moving of tasks across projects, teams, discussions via a menu option for move. Here is an example of a task moved from one context to another. The task is currently within another task in a team.

A dialog opens where you can search and select the destination

On click of Move the task is moved and dialog closes

The task is now visible in the destination team Marketing.

Requesting Admin Access

When the admin of a project, team or a discussion exits the organization; then the members of these projects, teams or discussions can request admin access from the members view.
Refer article for details

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