Zapier Integration (Beta Release)

Zapty is now available on the Zapier platform to connect other apps to Zapty. Zapier allows you to configure workflows depending on triggers in Zapty and also setup workflows to update Zapty with triggers from other apps.

Request invite for Beta Program at

More details can be found here.

Deadline escalation reminder to be a message

Deadline reminders will be in the form of a message. Once a task has missed its deadline, a reminder message such as the one below will appear. 

Below are the key points regarding deadline reminders that users must know. 

  1. The deadline escalation message will be sent to the owner of the task. 
  2. If the owner of the task has missed the first escalation, a automatic escalation message will be sent. Therefore, take action on the particular task to cease the automatic deadline escalation message. 

For more info regarding the same, click here.

Use Harvest integration to time track tasks and projects (Only for Entreprise Plan)

Zapty is introducing Harvest, an integration to help users in time tracking their task completion and project completion. The Harvest integration is only available for Entreprise Plan users. In order to access the integration, follow the below steps: 

  1. Go to 'Integrations' in the sidebar and click 'Time tracking using Harvest Integration'. Below is the image of the same. 

      2.  The Harvest Integration can only be enabled by the Org Admin. The Org admin has to upgrade to a Entreprise Plan to use Harvest. 

Want to know more about the Harvest Integration? Click here.

Export Tasks to an MS Excel file from Teams and other contexts applying any task filter

You can download the excel export from Tasks, Teams, and Projects contexts. To download the excel file, head to the particular context and click ‘Excel Export’. It is present to the right side of the tab. On clicking it, a window as shown in the image below will appear. 

Check the box ‘Nested Tasks (Subtasks)’ to download subtasks as well. For more info about excel export for the above contexts, click here

Changed layout for recurrence audit messages 

Recurrence is for those tasks which need to be performed repeatedly. Recurrence set for tasks needs show audit trail messages when it is set and when it is missed. Below is a sample image showing recurrence. 

Reminders will be sent if the task set for recurrence is not completed. From the above image, the recurrence for the task was set for March 8, 2018 but the assignee has missed completing the task. Therefore, the audit reminder message appears here as threaded messages. The audit member messages will now not clutter your inbox.

For more info, click here.

User added/ removed from Projects, Teams, and Discussions audit trail messages

 Whenever a person is added to projects, teams or discussions, an audit trail message appears mentioning the person being added. The same is the case whenever a member is removed from the project. Below is a sample image of the same. 

The second message in the image mentions that a member has been added. The third message shows the audit trail messages that show a member has been removed from the group ‘Digital Marketing’. 

The important thing to note is that all messages are threaded. This is done so that no audit trail messages clutter the inbox. 

Example of a person getting added and removed from a team 

If you observe the third message has blue message icon in the picture. Found it? 

That indicates the audit trail messages mentioning the removal. For more info, click here.

Adding followers to task contexts audit trail messages 

Whenever a follower is added to a task, there will be no audit trail message in the inbox. The message of a user being added as follower to the task will be mentioned. To add a member as a follower of the task, one has to @mention the person. When adding a new follower to the screen, the screen will appear like the one below. 

All messages appearing in the audit trail are threaded messages. They appear in a particular thread as earlier audit trail messages were cluttering the inbox. 

After adding a user as a member, the context message will appear like the one below.

For more info, click here.

Changed layout for audit trail messages pertaining to notes

When a user updates the notes in a particular task, a audit trail message like the one below will appear in the messages tab of the particular task. Below is an image of the same for reference. 

All the audit trail messages appear in a threaded context. On clicking the message thread which is the blue message icon, the audit trail messages tab opens. Refer the below image for the same.

In the above image, all the above audit messages pertaining to change of notes appear threaded. Earlier, whenever a change was made in the notes, a audit was created each time. With this new improved audit trail feature, the new audit will be created within the existing audit trail. 

The notes audit trail has the ‘undo?’ feature as well. The font is red in colour.  Refer the above image for the same. On clicking undo, you erase the change made. Below is an image which shows the audit trail when the notes are undone and the notes are reverted. 

 For more info, click here.

Move critically important tasks to the top under Tasks view 

Users can move tasks directly to the top in the Tasks view. They can do so by enabling the 'By priority' view filter. Below is a demo of the same.

To move tasks which need immediate attention, you need to set the search filter to 'By priority'. After setting the 'By priority' filter, place the cursor on the particular task. Click 'Move to top' in the context menu. The task then automatically moves to the top. 

This is particularly useful when tasks which need immediate attention needs to be moved to the top. 

For more info, click here.

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