Organizations are based on your company’s shared email domain, and connect everybody within your company that uses Zapty. Within an Organization, you and your teammates can split into teams and collaborate on your projects, tasks or threads. Once you have created your account, you can get your team onboard quickly with the steps below:


  1. Create a Team in Zapty.
  2. Invite members to your Org (either directly from the People's tab or via a Team/Discussions/Tasks).
  3. Have your team add their Profile information (Facetime, Skype, Hangout ) to initiate 1-click video conferencing on your team.
  4. Create your first Project.
  5. Add a few tasks for yourself or others via the "My Tasks" tab. 

As a creator, also understand the permissions you hold across your Org.

Going Deeper

  1. Create a group Task: Have more than one person assigned to a task ( Learn how?).
  2. View your teams progress in My Tasks: By using our advanced sorting capabilities ( Learn how?).
  3. Invite a "Team" to a Project ( Simply start typing in the team name to include all members of the Team to your project).
  4. Modify Zapty's default stages to depict the first iteration of your teams processes ( Learn how?).
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