Teams are groups of people in your Organization who collaborate on tasks, projects, threads or  conversation. Each Team has its own members, guests, conversations and tasks. 

Members who join or who are added to the Organization aren’t automatically added to Teams within that Organization; as Teams by default are private.

Each person must create or join Teams within the Organization. Members added to Teams or Tasks within Teams directly are automatically added as part of the Organization as members or guests. 

Setting up a new team

If your Org Admin has given you team creation access, you can create a new Team to begin collaborating with your colleagues in an Organization.

To create a team:

  1. Click on the the ‘Teams’ Tab in the sidebar
  2. In the pop-up window, enter your team name. 
  3. Invite members or guests to your team when the third pane opens

Once you have created a team you can always adjust Team permissions in Team Settings.

By default, all teams in Zapty are private except for the Everyone Team. Members will not be able to view these teams unless they are added to these teams explicitly. 

The Everyone team and Admin team

The Everyone Team includes everyone in your Organization who has member-level access. 

The Admin Team is controlled by the Admin of the Org. Changes that take place within the org (addition/deletion and other modifications made to teams, projects or people at the org-level are visible to members added to this team by the Admin of the Org.

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