In the 'Teams' list, you will an option called ‘Settings’ if you are the team admin.

This brings up the settings page for the team-

What can you control within a team?

Members can do the following :

  • If you want members to send only messages and upload files then you need to set as “Only messages and files”.
  • If you want to allow members to send messages, upload files, create/send tasks/polls/approvals or utilize configured video calling then set as “All menu options”.
  • If you don’t want members to do anything except receive messages, files, tasks, then set as “None”.
  • Default for a new team is “All menu options”.

Editing messages options :

  • While we have given a feature of editing a message that is sent out, you can set as “Any member” if you want to change allow anyone else (members) to edit even other's messages.
  • Or, set as “Creator of message” if you want only the sender/creator to be able to edit their message.
  • Default for a new team is “Creator of message”.

Deleting messages/task/files options :

  • Exactly similar thoughts here. Having given access to delete, you may continue same by setting it as “Any member” which will allow any member within that team to delete messages/tasks/files sent by others.
  • Or, restrict deletion of message, task, files only for sender by setting as “Creator of message”.
  • Default for a new team is “Creator of message”.

What can you default for a task?
Hide result for poll and approvals

  • If you set as “No” then while creating a poll or an approval, the option to hide result is defaulted to no, which you can always change while sending the poll or approval.
  • If you set as “Yes, till all responses are received” then all responses will be hidden till everyone responds but once that happens, the results will be visible to all.
  • If you set as “Yes” then the hide result is defaulted to yes; while sending, which you can change.
  • Default for a new team is “Yes”.
  • This has been given to simplify sending poll and approvals so that the sender does not have to think about this every time.

Allow recipients to post messages for tasks

  • If you are sending out a task to a large group, this is something that you may want to think carefully before setting this as "Yes". This option restricts recipients of the task from sending messages/tasks or file uploads. However, if you do want them to ask questions or discuss then you do need to set this option as “Yes”.
  • If “No” then the above won't be allowed.
  • Again it is just a default which can be changed while sending the task.
  • Default for a new team is “Yes”.

How do you save edited/changed settings?

Change any option you need to and click on ‘Apply Changes‘ at the bottom of the page. If you messed up, then just click on ‘Discard‘; which will revert change to what it was before you started making the change.

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