Menu option for Task by priority view

You can access the priority view using the menu option shown below. By default, the Project tasks view are "By priority"; and for "Subtasks" in any task the default is this "By priority" view. However, the default view for "My Tasks" is the "My tasks by planned date"; you can always change the view to By priority when needed.

Arranging tasks by priority

Here is how you can drag and drop tasks to arrange as per priority. 

The priority view is particularly useful for arranging tasks in a sprint or tasks in a product backlog. The tasks that need to be attended to earlier get dragged to the top of the list and the ones that need to be attended to later get dragged to the bottom of the list.
This is similar to arranging tasks as per priority on a Kanban board. 

Adding tasks in the priority view

You can add tasks in the priority view using the Create tasks option at the bottom of the view.
You can either add a task at the Top of the priority list, as shown here. New task (Trent Corporation) created at the top of list.

Or just below the selected task (Trent Corporation).

Like this. New task (Keystone Enterprises) created below the selected task (Trent Corporation).

By default, when you visit the Tasks by priority view you can add tasks at the top. You can decide where to add new tasks by switching options using the keyboard (Alt + up) to add to Top and (Alt + down) to add below selected task.

How you can use the By Priority view

Let us take this example of a project for On boarding customers. Initially the priority was to on board "Carrington IT Solutions". Later the priority changed and 2 other customers were given priority hence it was very easy to add new tasks to the top, above the "Carrington IT Solutions" task. Tomorrow if the priority changes we can always re-arrange as shown below.

Video: Adding tasks using the Alt+down option. 

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