The overflow menu in the tasks tab has been introduced to make task labeling a tad bit easier.

This will supplement your efforts in leaving no stone unturned for the timely completion of tasks. 

Earlier, labels could only be attached by going to the particular task. Now, it’s possible to do so with the option available on the hover of the task. This reduces confusion and less cumbersome to use. 

Let’s understand better with an example.

Matthew heads a team of developers. So, he has created a few tasks and wants to delegate them. At the same time, he wants to assert its importance as well. So, he is spared from all the clicking of tasks he had to do earlier. Now, he just has to place the cursor on the hover, where the overflow menu appears. Click ‘Attach or remove label’ and there you go. A label is attached. 

Below is an image of the same.

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