Tasks are now categorized as follows

On it

Tasks in the category are the ones that are currently being worked on. When you have marked as task as 'On it' ; it appears in this category.

Not Planned

Tasks in this category are those that have never been planned, or tasks which were 'On it' earlier and got re-assigned / ownership was released. May indicate that they have to be planned or re-assigned to appropriate resource for them to plan.


Tasks that have been created today always appear here. Once planned then they will be moved to the appropriate category as per the planned date. If it remains unplanned overnight; they will start appearing in the Not Planned category.


Task which have missed plan date and have not started (not placed in 'On it') will appear here.


Tasks that have been planned for today appear here. In case, the task has missed the planned time the task will still appear here till midnight. But will appear under Overdue the next day.

Tomorrow, Later this week, Weekend, Next week and Beyond

Tasks will appear in these categories based on their plan date.

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