Depending on how you would like your tasks to be displayed, Zapty makes it easy to filter tasks to your preference. 

Within My Tasks

By default, Zapty filters your tasks by “Planned Date”. This means tasks you have already marked “On it”, will be displayed first in the sequence followed by tasks that have yet to be planned. All tasks already planned thereafter will show in a sequenced order. 

Within the same view, Zapty also makes it easy to filter your tasks using the following options as well: 

My tasks by deadline- Tasks assigned to you by yourself or by others sequenced by deadline date.

My completed Tasks- Tasks assigned to you by yourself or by others sequenced by most recent completion.

The Tasks created by Me- Tasks created by you for yourself or for others sequenced by tasks being worked on, “On it”, followed by date created. 

Simply click on the 

arrow next to My Tasks to find these additional filtering options Note: All default filters can be further drilled down by clicking on the funnel on the right for advanced filter options. 

Reviewing task assigned to specific person

There are a couple ways you might want to review the tasks assigned and the members task completion status:

  1. Access all tasks assigned and still pending for a specific user directly from conversation in team/1-on-1

Click on the users Profile picture in any conversation and a set of options will pop-up ----> Select the last option "All Tasks" and a view of all assigned, pending tasks for that team member will be available to view in your third pane ( without removing you from the scope of the conversation you are already in).  

   2. Tasks completion view or Plan date by specific team member

Go to your 1 on 1 conversation with your team member ----> select the drop-down next to the member's name ---> Select "Tasks" ----> All tasks. A view of their pending tasks followed by completed tasks assigned by you will be available. 

  3. Pending tasks filtered by Owner/Tasks assigned by you

Go to "my Tasks" ---> click on the drop-down near Tasks and select either:

      a) "By owner" to get a view of pending tasks  categorized by owner ( including "No owner").

      b)  "Tasks assigned by me" to get a view of all the pending tasks categorized by plan date.

All tasks view

This view includes tasks assigned to you, tasks that have been created in shared channels that you are a member of and assigned to others or tasks that have no owner.

Additionally, for all views, your  ‘On it!’ tasks appear right on top for ease of review.

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