Task hierarchy and sequence number

Task sequence number is what appears as serial # when a task is created. Zapty also allows you to # reference a task with the serial number; and search by serial #. 

The hierarchy is the parent reference that appears above the task title.

Example: References an image within the Product Management group

Adding notes to task

Sometimes the task title isn’t enough to provide context to your task. That’s where notes come in. Notes can be treated like a notepad allowing you to format as necessary. Changes made to these notes will also be logged to a task as a transaction within the task.

Conversations within tasks

Conversations occurring within tasks will limit scope of the thread only to the stakeholders ( followers, assignees) of the task. This in turn only logs to and notifies followers of the task avoiding excessive noise within teams where the task is created. 

Read more about that in the  “Converse within tasks/files” section here

Add followers to task

A user becomes the follower of a task if they have been assigned a task or have been tagged in a conversation within that task and the tagger confirms the user as a follower of the task. 

Reassigning a task

Within the scope of your task, simply click on the existing assignee to change owners of the task.
Assigning work

Adding files and documents to a task

Zapty currently gives you the ability to upload a file directly from your system and from google drive. Simply click on the attachment icon  

You see the options for Upload file and Google drive.

Following/Unfollowing a task

You have the ability to follow/ unfollow a task or thread at any time. Read all about that here under the “Follow/Unfollow" section. 

Additional section for Task Detail help

Recurring Tasks
Copy a task

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