Tasks are an essential part of teamwork. Completion of all tasks on time within a team, decide on the productivity level of a team. We provide an extensive feature list for task management so that you and your team can become not only actionable, but accountable as well. You can also watch this video tutorial.

Creating tasks for yourself

  1. Within My Tasks

Create tasks for yourself by going to “My tasks” section and scribble your task into the comment box at the bottom of the screen. By default, your task will be added to the “Today” queue until the task is planned. 

Note: Tasks created here are private and cannot be viewed by other team members. 

2. Within Teams/Discussions/1-on-1 conversations

Create a task for yourself within your team while conversing with your teammates. Simply use the /task command and change the default assignment to “me”.

Creating a task for others (one-on-one, team or discussion)

You can delegate work by creating tasks for others. Tasks can be created in teams, discussions & 1-on-1 chats. Click on the + icon in the message bar below in any conversation and select task to start creating a task. You can also use the shortcut “/task” to do the same.

To explore advanced options for task creation, click on “more” on the top right of the task bar.

Select a plan time, deadline and even add notes to the task to make them more accountable. Read more about how to do this here.

My Tasks summary

Below is a summary of all the tasks visible to you, including the ones created by you directly via "My Tasks", the Teams you are in, the Discussions participating in or tasks assigned within your 1-on-1 conversations.

Note: Tasks created in shared channels ( outside of “My tasks”) will be visible to teammates and logged to the channel. Tasks created within 1-on-1 conversations will be visible only to you and the other member unless someone outside of this conversation is made a follower or assigned the task.

Task creation via email using #Task

Send a task to someone via an email using the #task keyword in your mail to Zapty (“Send mail here”) email.

Use the “Send Email Here” option to download the .vcf file for the Team “Sales”

Download and Import .vcf file to email client

Import the .vcf in your Email client and send a mail to Team “Sales” in this format to send a Task.

Here is what the task will look like

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