We have come up with a few tweaks to enhance search under Tasks. This is done to help you search better and smarter. 

It is now possible to search using a context in the current filter selections. This can be found in the Advanced filter options under 'Tasks'.

By using 'In context of', you can search for tasks in discussions, projects, and teams. Take your search a notch higher; searching using a person's name. Look below to have a concrete understanding.

Here is the zoomed in image of the same.

Let's take a scenario.

Sarah is looking for an important task which contained a few important details. She can't clearly remember where to look for it. So, all she has to do is click on the filter option on the right side of the window. Then click the option 'In context of' and type in the necessary words.

Moving on, there is another feature that would definitely make your search hassle-free.

Feature in point being the filter view, wherein search is bettered. Search using ‘By deadline’, ‘By plan date’, ‘Completed tasks’. 

Below is a zoomed in image for better reference.

For instance, there are three tasks, A, B, and C respectively. 

A is task which has been completed long ago.
B is a task which is progress.
C is a task which has been planned.

Let's see how each task can be searched using the above-mentioned filter options.

  1. Task A - Since this is a completed task, use the 'Completed Tasks' filter to search this.
  2. Task B - The task here will reach its deadline when completed. Use the 'By deadline' filter to search Task B.
  3. Task C - Finally, this a task which has been planned therefore search this using(No brownie points for guessing this) 'By plan date'. 

Hope the above illustration does justice. If you have any doubts, do reach out to us. Use 'Ask a question' and we'd be glad to help.

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