It is now possible to save filters in Tasks view for viewing it in the future. The saving of filters is available in all the tasks tab irrespective of the context. The saved filters will be in the form of a list. Below is a image of the same.

To view the saved filters, go to any of the tasks tab and click the filter icon present next to 'Excel Export'. Watch the demo below to know how to access the same. 

Select any filter and check the box or enter the name. After having done that, save the filter by clicking 'Save view'. Next, give an appropriate name when the window appears. Below is a demo of the same. 

This feature is helpful to view the last applied filter for reference. Scroll down in 'Saved filter view' and you will find the saved filter in the list. Refer the below image for reference. 

As you visible from the image, the filter 'XYZ' which was saved in the demo is visible in the list. The filters created by will be private. Only the person who created it will be able to see it. Clicking on a filter will give the tasks associated with it. 

Let's understand the use of this feature with a scenario. 

Odell is a social media strategist at a firm. He is looking for 'tasks by deadline' and applies the filter. This filter gets saved and the next time, Odell wants to see which filter he had applied the last time, the filter list will help him. 

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