Tasks which demand immediate attention can be moved to the top in a jiffy. This can be done in the Tasks view, by applying the 'By priority' search view. Below is a demo featuring the use of the feature. 

To move a task to the top, place the cursor on the hover and click 'Move to top'. As you click, the particular task automatically moves to the top. Using this feature, any task can be moved to the top. 

When there are umpteen number of tasks and a task has to be moved to the top, what do you do? Drag and drop is cumbersome. This is where this option comes in handy. It is to be noted that only the person who created the task and the admin of the context can move the task up. 


Let's understand the feature with the help of a scenario. 

Watson is a copywriter at a firm. He had created a couple of tasks a few days ago and is currently occupied with something else. Now, his team leader asks him to work on one of the tasks which were earlier created as it suddenly has taken priority over others. 

He now wants to move the task to the top to assert its priority. Therefore, he places the cursor on the particular task and clicks 'Move to top' from the menu. This way the task automatically moves to the top. With this option, he is spared from all the dragging and dropping among a huge list of tasks. 


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