In order to help our users manage tasks better, we have introduced the calendar tab in all the tasks views. Earlier, only the projects had a calendar. Refer the below image for the same. 

Just head to ‘Tasks’ from the sidebar and calendar would be the second tab. The calendar can be viewed in particular timelines such as Day, Month, Timeline, Timeline Work, Timeline Month. 

The calendar can also be used to view nested tasks. Check the option ‘Include nested tasks’ to view them. 

In order to view tasks which appear on the calendar, click the respective task and the primary task details appear. Below is an image of the same. 

Let’s view the tasks through different timelines. 



Timeline Week 

The Timeline Week can be viewed using hourly intervals. It has hourly, 3 hourly, 6 hourly and Daily time intervals. 

Timeline Month 

Now, let’s see how nested tasks appear. 

From the above image, the nested here is ‘Discussion with the client’. Below is a clip showing the same. 

Nested tasks appear only when the tasks are in progress. Nested tasks are subtasks. The subtasks appear only when the subtask is assigned to you (if the filter was applied on the 'My tasks' view of the calendar). 

Let’s comprehend nested tasks better with a scenario. 

Sharon is the SEO Head at a firm. She has assigned tasks to her team members pertaining to the SEO of the firm. In order for the tasks to be completed, a couple of subtasks need to be completed as they form the base. 

If Sharon needs to view the all tasks, she has to apply the view filter to ‘All tasks’. This will automatically apply the same filter under current filter selections. Then, on checking the ‘Include nested tasks’ option she will then be able to see the subtasks. She can further view parent tasks and subtasks by Day, Month, Timeline, Timeline Week, Timeline Month. 

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