Whenever a follower is added to a particular task, a threaded audit trail message appears. It doesn't appear in the Inbox like before. To add a follower to a task, you need to '@mention' them in the messages tab. Refer the below image for the same. 

After the member is added as a follower, the audit trail message appears confirming the same.

The audit trail message is a thread. It now confirms that the particular member is now a follower of the task. On clicking the thread, you will be able to see the audit trail messages. Below is an image of the same. 

The first audit trail message mentions that the follower's access to old messages has been initiated and will take some time to complete. The second confirms the successful completion of the same. 

It is be noted that only the admin can only add the user as a follower. The admin cannot remove a follower. The followers themselves need to unfollow the task.


Let's understand the use of audit trail message for the same. Here is a scenario to comprehend better. 

Liam has created a new task and wants to add Michelle to it. He adds her using '@mention'. The audit trail messages appear confirming the same. Since Michelle will be on leave for a few days, it was decided that another person would follow the task and oversee it. Since Michelle can't be removed, she has to unfollow the task. 

Adding on, the audit trail messages also inform in case the task title is changed.

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