Recurrence is for those tasks which need to be performed repeatedly. Recurrence set for tasks show audit trail messages when it is set and if its missed. Below is a sample image showing recurrence. 

Reminders will be sent if the task set for recurrence is not completed. From the above image, the recurrence for the task was set for March 8, 2018, but the assignee has missed completing the task. Therefore, the audit reminder message appears here as threaded messages. The audit trail messages will now not clutter your inbox.

How to set recurrence (gif)

The recurrence frequency can be set by choosing the option from the drop-down. The recurrence can be set either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Jacob is working on a project. He is assigned a task which has a daily recurrence. He has missed the recurrence and has not completed the task. Therefore, the next day when he comes and logins, he sees the messages in the audit trail. He then views the full context of the recurrence like the plan date, deadline date. He also receives the message saying that he has missed the last occurrence. 

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