Users will now receive deadline reminders asking to take action prior to receiving deadline escalation messages. Earlier, the deadline reminder messages would immediately show up as soon as the task missed its deadline. Below is an image for reference. 

Audit messages

Before moving on, users will be receiving audit messages in two contexts. They are:

  1. In case of, plan date being missed or when a task has been set 'On it'.
  2. When a deadline date is missed.


When an assignee misses the deadline, a audit message is immediately sent to them. Below is an image of the same. 

Frequency and interval of Audit Messages 

Audit messages have a frequency and each message is sent at regular intervals. Below is the frequency timeline for the same.

  1. A day after the deadline reminder audit message is sent, the team escalation reminder is sent to the members part of the particular context. 
  2. Reminder audit messages is sent out in the following order- 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 60 days. On the 90th day, the audit trail messages will cease sending the audit messages. Below is an image for reference.

   3. Audit messages will not be sent on weekends. Weekend preferences can be selected in Profile Preferences. 

Deadline reminders will now be received only by the owners. It will remind the owner of the task to take action to avoid an automatic escalation. Below is an image of the same. 

If no action is taken after the first reminder, the deadline escalation will automatically appear a day later. The second message will be a team escalation where other members will also receive the escalation message. Refer the below image for the same.

Deadline Escalations for Tasks to be received by Admins-Org, Project, and Task

Deadline escalations will be received by all admins-Org, Project, and Task irrespective of them following/not following the task.

Let's understand the use of the feature with a scenario. 

Julian is a PR manager at a firm. He has been assigned a task to be completed by the end of the day. Due to a critically important task, he could complete the particular task and hence missed the deadline. 

After the deadline has passed, the deadline reminder message would only be sent to him. If Julian doesn't take any action, the second escalated message would be sent to the other members as well. However, the deadline escalation message will be sent out a day later. 

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