The copy bookmark and maximizing task window feature has been introduced for tasks. Earlier, the 'copy bookmark' feature was only available for discussions and projects but not tasks.  

To access these features, head to the tasks tab in any of the contexts. Click the dropdown and you will find 'Copy Bookmark' and 'Maximize'. Refer the image below for help. 

The maximize feature is helpful when you want to go the task pane to work on the task. 'Copy bookmark' feature is useful when stakeholders want to share task links with others. 

Let's understand the use of this feature with a scenario. 

Marlene is a senior copywriter at a firm. She has created a task and wants to share the same with a team member. The team member is not able to locate the task. 

To ease this woe, Marlene can click 'Copy Bookmark' and share the link with her team mate. 

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