Let us start off with an example of a task created for reviewing a website change for SEO compliance. Task has a checklist with check points for review. While this is great for executing the task once; we do need to go through the same process every time there is a change or a new site or a new website for a client. All we need to do is make a copy of the task with the checklist intact. If any of the items are checked; they will appear as unchecked in he new task.

We have a task with a checklist as shown above. Each checklist item also has notes which are some basic instructions/guidelines on what the checklist item is about.

So here is how you make a copy of the task; using the Copy Task menu option.  You need to select the target team or discussion or project or any person conversation to copy the task.

Task is copied with Task title, Task notes and checklist (unchecked).

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