All tasks for person can now be viewed in full screen mode using the Sidebar menu option against a person (under the People section).

In order to view the tasks, go to the sidebar and head to ‘People’. Next to the member’s name, you will find an arrow. On clicking the same, you will find a context menu such as the one below, 

Click ‘All tasks for person’ from the menu. Refer the above image for the same. On clicking the same, a new tab such as the one below will appear. 

As visible from the above image, the view filter reads as ‘Task assigned to’. Below is a demo on how to access ‘All tasks for person’. 

Now, that you are aware of its function, let’s understand the feature with the help of a scenario. 

Morgan is the chief media strategist at a firm. He leads a team of six people. He had assigned tasks to Meghan. Now, Morgan wants to check the tasks he had given to each of them for his records. 

So, he has to head to ‘People’ under the sidebar and head to ‘Meghan’. He has to click the arrow next to her name. On clicking the same, a menu appears. Click ‘All tasks for person’ and you will be directed to the results. The results show up in the middle pane in full screen mode.

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