Once you have created a task, Zapty gives you the ability to track your or your teammates progress via its "Plan" and deadline feature. This way your tasks don't fall through cracks and you receive real-time updates within the task based on planning modifications, deadline passing, checklist modifications or comments within the task. 

Planning our tasks

You can plan your tasks in 3 different ways:

  1. Within my Tasks

Click on “Plan it” at the bottom of a task if a task hasn’t already been planned. Watch this short animation to know more. You can read more about it here.

NOTE: You can’t add dates during creation of a task from “My tasks”.

2. During Task creation

Add a plan date while creating a task. Simply click on “more” on the top right of the task box to see the plan date option. This is possible only for tasks created under any one-on-one conversations, teams or discussions.

3. Task details 

Open task details of any task by clicking on 

at the end of a task or on the task title, a new third pane opens. There you will see various task options including the option to set a plan date, on the top.

Setting a deadline

Setting a deadline is very crucial for time bound tasks and most importantly tasks under projects. If a deadline isn’t set, projects may be delayed. While you currently have the ability to change the deadline set, we recommend setting guidelines with your team on who has privilege to do so. Either way, all modifications are logged in Zapty that keeps members following tasks in the know if the deadline is changed by any member of the team.

Marking a task completed

Mark a task complete directly from your My task view or from within the details of a task when viewing from within a team/ 1:1 conversation or discussion.

Note: If this is a task that is marked as an “All recipients to complete” type of group task, this task will be marked as complete only for the individual user and only disappear from your My Task list. All other recipients will need to mark it complete individually. 

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