Organization Admins will get to see an option called 'Subscription' in the sidebar. This option is available only on the desktop web browser; not on the mobile apps.

Starter plan

When an organization is created afresh, it is automatically under the Starter plan. 

Organizations can always get started with this plan and upgrade as the need arises, team grows, or need more projects, etc. This plan has limited capabilities for search, guests(2), members(5), teams(5) and projects(1).  

If more capabilities are needed then organizations can opt for an Upgrade to any of the below listed plans.

Starting a trial for Business plan

By default, when you create an organization; you are placed in the free Starter plan as shown below.

To initiate a trial for the Business plan click on 'Start 14 day Free Trial' as shown below.

A message 'Subscription change!' is displayed indicating that the 14 day trial has been initiated.

The Plan tab will indicate the the trial for the Business plan has started; with an indication of the number of days remaining for the trial to end.

You can add up to 5 members in the starter plan; however, during the trial period of any plan you can add as many members as you please.

When a trial is initiated it has all the capabilities of the corresponding paid plan. So when your paid subscription starts it is a smooth transition from trial to paid.

Upon adding members this is what you see. Number of users has changed to 5 in this example.

You can choose to 'Subscribe' any time during the trial. If you do not Subscribe during the trial; then at the end of the trial period the CC on file is charged and your organization is automatically moved to the paid monthly subscription corresponding to the trial plan chosen.

However, if the trial expires and payment method information is not updated, you will be automatically re-directed to the subscription page on the desktop web browser version.

Subscribe without trial

If you decide to Upgrade directly then a pop up shown below gives you a choice to either Subscribe to the monthly or the yearly plan. The number of users here indicates the current number of 'members' in the organization.  

Choose from the various plans available to you

You have the option of choosing any one of the below plans to subscribe based on your need; Business (monthly or yearly), Business Unlimited (monthly or yearly) and Enterprise (monthly or yearly).

Business plan

The business plan comes at a per user charge of $6 / month or $60 if paid annually.

The business plan includes has the benefit of unlimited members at a per user charge; with unlimited guests, projects, teams, integrations. 

Business Unlimited

Or if you have a large team then you can opt for the Business Unlimited plan which comes at a cost of $118 / month or $1188 / year. If you are a large organization and need additional security then the Enterprise plan is recommended.

Business Unlimited is the same as Business; just that instead of a per user charge it is a flat charge for unlimited users.

Enterprise plan

Recommended for large corporates; this comes at a per user charge of $12 / month or $120 if paid annually.

Enterprise plans include all features of the business plan; in addition to that you get advanced security; and will also be automatically eligible for future product enhancements. Includes priority online and phone support.

How to setup your credit card

The Subscription screen has a TAB for your credit card.

You can click on Add Card to update the payment method information (Credit Card). We use a combination of Chargebee (secure billing service provider) and Stripe (secure payment gateway) to administer subscriptions for our plans.

Once the card is successfully updated you get a message as shown below.

And the Credit Card TAB shows that your card has been configured.

You do have the option to change the card if needed (Update card) or if the card needs to be removed (Remove Card). 

Your CC gets charged on the date of subscribing for the paid plan and then subsequently on the renewal date of the selected plan.

On successful charge on your card, an invoice is mailed to you. In case the transaction on your card is declined then you get a mail informing you about the same.

Billing contacts

The creator of the organization is the billing contact by default.

How to subscribe to a plan

Let us take an example where you want to subscribe to the Business plan.

On click of subscribe the following steps are required to complete the subscription process. Depending on the number of users (members in the organization) the Order Summary is updated.

Enter the payment method information with your card details; sample below.

Once you click 'Subscribe' there is a message which tells you that the subscription has been changed. 

Finally, when the process is complete, the subscription show up on the Plan page.

If you do add users (members) in the middle of the billing cycle then the charge for the additional users is calculated on a pro-rata basis for the remaining period of the billing cycle.

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