Sign-up and Sign-in

Our sign-up process is very easy. You just need an email id to sign-up. To start using Zapty, you will need to sign up for any of the organization accounts with either the Starter, Business, Business Unlimited or Enterprise plans. To create any organizational account, you should ideally sign up with your business id. You can even create org accounts with your personal emails however we recommend that you use your business email id so that it is easier to add your team members later.

Single sign-on (SSO) with Google

Sign in with Google to retrieve all the information from your Google account. This makes the signing up process brief and hassle-free and also helps to avoid few steps. You can instantly get in with Google sign in.

URL or domain for your organization

Every time an organization is created, a unique URL (link) is generated for the same. This makes it easy to access your organization in future from any browser by simply going to this URL directly. For e.g. if the name of the organization is ABC, the url will be

For organizations created with personal email ids, a suffix “-org” is added at the end. And if you sign up with personal email id and create an organization called ABC, it will actually be named ABC-org, and the URL for this organization will be This is also one of the reasons why we recommend that you use your business email ids to create business accounts. 

NOTE: These urls are secure and even if someone types your URL they can never access it without valid user credentials. All urls are secured with 256 bit encryption technology as well.

Setup on mobile devices

To work productively on the go, we suggest you install our mobile apps (iOS | Android).

Versions: We support the following versions -
iOS - 9 and above
Android - Lollipop and above

Admin rights

There are 4 types of admin roles in Zapty-

  • Organization admin - The admin of an organization has admin rights to that organization. You get the admin rights, if you have been the first person to set up that organization on Zapty.
  • Team admin - The person to create a team has the admin rights and can control various actions with that particular team. Each team has an admin.
  • Discussion admin - Similar to team admin, a discussion admin is the one who has created that discussion.
  • Project admin - Creator of a project has the admin rights to it by default. 

Any member can be given admin rights by an admin. They can also be transferred from person to person. Read more details about roles and permissions here.

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