If you are the creator of an organization or part of the Organization Admin, you are privy to granular organization-level settings. Click Settings in the sidebar-

You will see organization settings-

You can control the following via these settings:

  • Who can create a team - here only those who have access can create a team in your organization; others cannot.
  • Who can create a discussion - only those given this access can start a discussion.
  • Who can create a project - project creation is limited to those with this access.
  • Who can invite members - yes, you can restrict who can invite members to the organization.
  • Who can invite guests - you can restrict who can send guest invites too.
  • Who can view trash - you get to restrict who can view and restore items from trash!

We have set certain factory settings which you could change. The Everyone team gets accessed by all by default; so if you do not need security then you need not touch anything. But if you do need tighter controls here is how you can add / remove access rights for individuals and teams.

Click on 'modify' against the security you want to change-

You will get a small pop up window where you can add or remove a user/team- 

The same reflects in the settings page when you close the window-

You can Modify access for all in the same way. 

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