Setup the system to hide/unhide sidebar options for guests; or decide if they should get emails or not; or if they should see the threaded conversations tab.

Guests in the system are usually outsiders who have limited access to your organization in Zapty. Now you can decide which sidebar options you want your guests to view / have access to.

This option is available if you have subscribed to the Enterprise plan.

Guest Settings

All this can be setup from the guest settings TAB under Organization Settings.

Sidebar Options

Let us see how this works. These are the sidebar options that are visible to the guests by default.

You can control what they can see from here.

If 'unchecked' the guest will not see that sidebar option. The example below shows everything except 'My Tasks' is hidden. It is recommended to keep 'My Tasks' visible to guests since you may want to send Approval requests or you may want guests to respond to queries (sent out as tasks assigned to guests). These appear in the 'My Tasks' view.

Further, if there is a need to set this individually for each guest then make sure you check Allow customizing above options for individual guest from People list. It will give below option in People list.

Guest options menu brings up this pop up where you can change what this guest can see / have access to.

Email Settings

Control if you want guests to receive update emails; this option is hidden for guests.

If All emails is selected then guest will receive all updates for tasks, messages, overdue reminders.
If Only important emails is selected then the following important updates are sent out; All messages in one-on-one conversations, Wherever guest is @ mentioned, Wherever guest is a member of the task (either assignee or assignor)
If Do not send any emails is selected then no updates are sent out.

View threads

Control if you want your guests to view the threads TAB in individual contexts. Let us assume you have invited a guest to a team called 'Client ABC'. Since the guest has been invited to a team the Teams option appears in the sidebar.

If you have unchecked Show threads tab in context then the guest cannot see the threads tab as shown below.

But if this options is checked as shown below

... then the Threads tab is visible to the guest.

And the threaded message in the approval request is visible to the guest in the Threads tab.

Personal tasks in My Tasks
As mentioned earlier in this article it is recommended to allow guests to view the My Tasks sidebar option. However, if you do allow then there is another control you have. If Allow guest to create personal tasks is checked then guests can see create tasks for themselves as shown below.

'Create a task for yourself' is available.

But if this option in unchecked.

Then option is not visible as shown below.

Guests can only see tasks created by others.

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