Proper arrangement of tasks is necessary in order to increase efficiency. It also helps in speedy and timely completion of work. You can now arrange entities under Projects, Discussions and, People. If there are numerous labels under ‘Favorites’, it can be arranged using the drag and drop. 

Let’s understand the usage of the same with the help of a scenario. 

Tracy is a client servicing manager at a firm. She is an admin of an organization created in Zapty, where there are two client members added as guests. Even her team members are a part of the Org. She wants to facilitate quick 1-to-1 conversations with the clients. She remarks “ Every time, I want to have a 1-to-1 conversation, I have to search for the person”. 

Well, here is the solution. Tracy can drag and drop the all the people whom she has frequent interactions at the top. This spares her from scrolling and searching. 

Here is another scenario. 

Alex is a project manager at a firm. He is leading a team working on a trusted client’s latest project. He has a couple of other projects also lined up. Therefore, he wants the project currently being worked on to be at the top. The folder is named after the service provided. 

He can do so, by dragging and dropping the particular project at the top. He can also remove other projects from the sidebar. 

Whenever you drag and drop a hand symbol appears. Refer the image below for the same.

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