Projects in Zapty allow you to organize, manage, and collaborate on work within Zapty. You can use Projects to manage a group of tasks that are part of a larger goal. Projects comprise project stages that enable you to visualize your tasks progress across its lifecycle.  Alongside the attribute set of a Task, Project Tasks contain additional properties like task stages. 

Create a Project

Note: If you are looking for Project permissions, adding/removing users or modifying folder names here.

To create a project, click on 'Projects' from the left sidebar.

On the Projects screen, click on 'Add projects' button on top to create a new project.

A new details screen opens up on the right. Fill in your project details there like project name, folder, members/admins that are a part of your project and hit 'Create' at the bottom. This new project will be accessible from the left sidebar and also in the list on the 'Projects' screen.

Zapty’s default workflow ( Known as Project Tasks during project Workflow selection), is comprised of three stages.

New - Typically depicts a backlog or any new items. 

In Progress -To depict tasks that are being worked on.

Done - Typically depicts tasks that are completed and that don’t need any further

What are folders?

Zapty uses the concept of smart virtual folders. These folders represent a virtual arrangement for your projects. Hence, they are not owned by anyone, and 'you don't need to explicitly create them'.

You will only see projects you are a part of under a folder. You can place your project in a folder by typing the exact folder name while adding the folder. Your project will appear under the exact folder you have typed (does not matter if it exists or not previously, it will create a new folder if not pre-existing).

Modifying project stages

While this basic workflow can be used, often it is more effective to visualize the workflow of a project more specific to a particular process. 

Take the example of a Customer on-boarding process below:

 It becomes really easy to model this process by modifying the default stages in Zapty - by adding the stages depicted above and the right stage types ( covered below).

If you are the Project Admin, you have access to a little pencil icon (Stage Edit) in the Project Stage View.

Clicking the pencil will open the Manage Stages screen.

Now let us say we want to add a stage ‘Team Allocation’.

Just type ‘Team Allocation’.

Project Stage Types

You can select the color of the stage based on where it fits in.

Blue stages are typically for new tasks – these are also the only type that add new tasks only in blue color stages.

Note: You can have as many type blue stages as necessary. 

Yellow stages signifies stages where tasks are in progress, where some work is happening, some action needs to be taken or anything that involves activity.

Green stages are for tasks that are either completed or ready to be closed out or a sort of end point for the tasks -typically where no action is required except for closure of the task.

In the example below, based on the grid above, it makes sense to create the "New customers from Sales" stage with "blue" as the Sales accountant pushes their new accounts into this pool. Next, since "Team allocation" is a progressive state ( that tasks from the blue stage will be moved to) , we can create ‘Team Allocation’ with a yellow. 

Click on the little green tick below “Team Allocation’ to confirm.

Now we can rename an existing stage ‘in progress’ to call it ‘Technical Call 1'. Click on the stage name and edit the name, hit enter. Again this is a progressive state, and so it is depicted with yellow. Having done that you can drag and drop to rearrange the stage order.

Now let us go ahead and rename the ‘Done’ to ‘Customer On-boarding Success’, and continue adding stages:

In the same way, you can add the remaining stages.

Hit ‘Apply to Project’ to confirm:

Once done hit the ‘close pane’ button at the top:

Here is the resulting Project view:

Now if you went ahead and created tasks then it will look something like this. 

Having created tasks you will also need to move them across stages as your work progresses. See how…

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