Do you ever remember a time when you weren't confused over a client's project name? 

None, right?

So, in order to uncomplicate things, we have introduced a new thread feature. Whenever you receive task updates, you will now be able to distinguish projects better. 

Firms specializing in certain services tend to name the projects in a generic way. The only difference being, the name of the folder would be different, usually the client's name.  

For instance, assume you are a digital marketing agency and you have a large clientele. You offer SEO services to your clients. Since the nature work is unlikely to change you name the tasks according to the service provided. 

Now, there are two companies ABC Inc and XYZ Inc. You are offering SEO services for both of them. Since you have named the respective projects “SEO”, it would be difficult to know if you receive messages pertaining to the projects in the inbox. This confusion is now eliminated since the folder name will be visible in the update message.

The below image is a sample of the same.

Here is a zoomed-in image for better viewing.

As you can see above image, there are two identical tasks with the project name ‘SEO’ but, if you notice there is a small distinction which makes a big difference. There are two folders, ABC and  XYZ Inc. which help determine the particular project context. 

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