You leave no stone unturned to ensure your tasks are completed on time. After completion, it's tucked away in a corner. Later, when you are searching for it, you realize that you are not able to locate it. Searching for it becomes a frantic experience. 

In order to save you from burning the midnight oil, we have introduced the ‘under filter’ to search tasks. This is available in the tasks view. 

Let’s take a scenario to understand better.

Christopher is a client servicing manager at a firm. The client he is working with wanted a report on the latest developments. Since the nature of service is the same, the projects are named after the service availed. The only differentiating factor is the folder name. 

Now, if he decides to scroll and search, it would become overwhelming. With the help of this magic filter, things get a lot easier. Let’s run through how Christopher manages to locate the task through the particular folder. 

He heads to the tasks view, and clicks the filter present on the right side. Next, he clicks the drop-down and selects ‘Under folder’ as the respective filter. So, the results show up and Christopher has his file. 

Below is an image of the same.

Watch the video below for a better understanding.

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