It is now possible to start from the last stage from you left. In case you close and are clueless about the stage before you last quit, the project stage where you quit will be highlighted. 

Below is a demo exhibiting the feature. 

This feature is beneficial wherein you will easily know where to resume. It is a blessing in disguise for projects which has umpteen tasks. Now, think of this, if there are 20 odd tasks it is quite cumbersome to manually check everything. 

Let's understand the use of this feature. 

Tracy is a risk analyst at a firm. She is working on project which as 20 stages. She is sent a message and thus heads to the inbox to see it. After reading the message, she heads back to the particular project. 

The project stage she last worked on will be highlighted. This way things are made easier with the introduction of this feature.  

Do reach out to us on Zapty support if you have any questions. We would be happy to help.

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