To improve usability, we have introduced the folder rename feature in the sidebar. Renaming existing project folders can be done from the sidebar as opposed to particularly going to the projects view. 

As visible from the above pic, click on the side arrow next to the folder. On clicking the same, you will find an option called ‘Rename folder’ appear. After you click it, you will find a small window appear on the screen, such as the one below. 

After you type the name, you will find a message mentioning the new name.This is to confirm the final action.  The window on the screen will appear like the below. 

Additionally, you can also create a new folder here. 

Let’s understand the feature with the help of a scenario. 

Chris is a team lead at a firm and his team has worked on a project which has its deadline in two days. He wants to rename the folder with a professional sounding name. He doesn’t have to exclusively go to the Projects view and change the name. 

All he has to do is click the side arrow next to the particular project folder. As ‘Rename folder’ appears, he clicks the same. He will now find a small window appear. He has to type the name he wishes to name the new folder and save it. The new name appears in the sidebar. 

For a hands-on understanding of the same, watch the video below. 

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