View completed tasks for a data range

Having marked tasks as completed you would still like to know if they are done. So here is what we came up with…

Example; when reviewing work done in the last week versus what is pending you will want to view completed and pending tasks together. You may want to review for work done over various time periods; so we have given multiple predefined options to choose from. However, ‘1 week’ is the default or change it to the 2 week choice to see what’s getting done in our release sprint!

Project member view

An option to see completed tasks; but with a difference. Here are the choices you get…

Do not show: if this is chosen completed tasks are not shown / and not part of the task count for the stage tile.
1 week:
if this is chosen then tasks that were completed since the last 1 week are included along with the open tasks. And count of tasks for the stage tile also includes these tasks. This is the default for all!
2 weeks:
similarly for tasks completed since the last 2 weeks and so on for 3 weeks, 1 month.
Specific date: since when you want to view completed tasks.

Setting a default for all members (Project Admin option)

This is the project admin view.

The option to set "Default for All" is shown. Once set all project members get the default view. The excel dashboard will also have the same date range for completed tasks if "Default for All" is set.

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