Projects in Zapty have different stages. Each stage is represented by a different colour. Projects have many such different features. The below image will help you understand each feature. 

  1. Blue Stage - The blue stage is the primary stage in a project. It is solely the task creation stage.
  2. Light Orange Stage - This stage is the 'Work-in-progress' stage. All tasks which are being worked on will be moved to this stage from the blue stage. 
  3. Number of Tasks - The numbers in the respective stages indicate the number of tasks present in the particular stage.
  4. Name of the stage - The text below the number is the name of the stage.
  5. Green Stage - The green stage is the concluding stage of the project. This marks the closure of the project.     
  6. Tasks Filter - Apply the necessary tasks filter to sort tasks.


    7. Switch views - Change project views either using 'By stage' or 'All                  tasks'. 

     8. Change completed visibility duration - Include tasks completed                    during a particular duration. 


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