To access your Project settings, head to the Projects pane by clicking on the Projects tab in the Sidebar. Here you will find a list of all the projects you are a member of:

In the projects list page there is an arrow to open Project settings, by clicking over it, the third pane will open up:

Here you can rename a project, change/add folders, add/remove users, teams.

Rename a Project

To rename a project simply click on the pencil icon next the project name, edit the name:

and hit enter.

Change folder

To change or add a folder click on the pencil icon next to the folder name:

and hit enter.

The new changes should be visible in the Projects list as well as the Sidebar.

Add/remove users, teams

Click on the blue “Add User/Team” button.

This will trigger a pop-up window where you can select a user or a team. it is recommended to add a Team whose members you want in the project. Rather than add each one individually.

For this example select us select NYC Team. You can either add as an Admin or member

Add NYC Team as member

Similarly, if you want to remove someone, simply click the cross against here name in the Access Rights list.

In case you clicked on the cross by mistake you do get a chance to ‘Cancel‘ the action. But if you do want to proceed hit ‘Remove‘ on the pop up.

Here again, it takes a few minutes to remove all access from the Project. Once the operation is complete the Kim is removed.

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