It is a known fact that projects experience setbacks and hiccups. Now you can check the progress of projects from time to time. 

The dashboard feature tracks progress based on tasks by planned date and deadline. It is semi-real time in nature and quite useful. Using it, you can better accommodate project changes and set benchmarks for efficiency. As of now, there are two types of dashboard charts. They are mentioned below.

Status of Tasks by Planned date 

The chart shows details related to the progress of tasks. It shows whether the the task is in progress(On it), Planned, Missed and Not Planned. 

Using this chart, progress of tasks can be easily ascertained. This will enable you to plan better. Tasks which have missed plan date and those which have missed can be known and corrective measures can be taken. 

Below mentioned are the respective functions of each bar:

On it - Tasks which are in progress.
Planned - Tasks which are planned but yet to be worked on.
Missed - Tasks which have missed the planned date/time
Not Planned - Tasks which haven't been planned yet

Status of Tasks by Deadline 

This chart shows the tasks with respect to the deadline dates assigned to them. This is useful to know the status of tasks which are going as planned, missed and tasks which haven't been allotted deadlines yet.

Below mentioned are the respective functions of each bar:

No deadline - Tasks which haven't been assigned deadlines yet.
On Track -
Tasks which are currently being worked on and inching towards the deadline.
Missed - Tasks which have missed the planned deadlines.

As and when you create tasks and assign them it will show up in the charts. Click ‘Refresh Dashboard’ for the changes to reflect in the dashboard. To make changes related to the chart, click on the settings icon.

You can add members to provide access for them to view the charts. When a project has umpteen number of tasks it becomes difficult to search tasks related to you. To solve this, you can choose to view tasks related you.  

Click ‘Yes’ for ‘Limit chart to only viewer specific tasks’ to view charts related to you. Using ‘Date Range’ your search option is narrowed.

Also, you can resize the chart for height and width. 

P.S. -  If your system time and current time zone is different, the results will differ. 

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