In the earlier release, we told you about the drill down option for ‘Status of Tasks by Planned Date’ and ‘Status of Tasks by Deadline’. Now, we have introduced the drill down option in the pie chart .i.e Tasks by Type. 

The purpose of the drill down option is to ensure better clarity regarding the types of tasks. 

Let’s comprehend its use with a scenario.

Kevin is a brand strategist at a firm. He was assigned a couple of  project tasks while he was on leave. So, Kevin comes the next day and all this while he had to be briefed by his team. This time the scene changes. 

All he has to do is pretty simple. He needs to head to the dashboard tab and click on the pie which represents project tasks. As he clicks, the right pane window appears which is the drill down option. 

Below is an image of the same.

The above image shows the drill down option for ‘Project tasks’. 

Watch the demo below to see how it works.

Adding on, the drill down option also can be used to access a particular task. Once the drill down opens, click on the particular task and you will be directed to it. The below demo shows the process.

As you can see above, the task window opens as soon as the first task is clicked. 

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