The audit trail messages will now appear when a user is added as a member in contexts such as Projects, Teams and Discussions. The audit trail messages will now appear in a threaded context. The threaded context is particularly helpful to know when a person was added or removed. 

The new audit trail messages will not appear in the inbox. This eliminates the issue of a cluttered inbox.  

The above image is a sample of a threaded audit trail message when a user is added as a member to a team. 

The second audit message mentions that a new member has been added. The third message mentions that the member added has been removed. If you notice, there is a threaded message icon which is blue in colour. On clicking it, you will see all the threaded audit messages. 

Below is the image of the same. 

Whenever a user is removed as a member from a particular team, project or a discussion, two audit trail messages appear. Refer the above image for the same. 

The first message shows that the action of removal has been initiated. It would take some time for the action to be completed. The second message appears after they are successfully removed and their access to old messages is removed. 


Melissa is a marketer at a firm. She has been added to the tech team accidentally and the admin wants to remove her. The admin has to go to the particular team, click the drop down present to the right side of the screen. 

The demo below will you help you locate the same. 

After Melissa is removed, the screen would notify the admin and the other members of the team. 

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