Make use of the drill down option to gain complete information about a particular status bar in the bar graph. 

The drill down option mentions important details such as the name of the task, name of the creator, time of creation and the respective project folder and project name. It is available for 'Status of Tasks by Planned Date' and 'Status of Tasks by Deadline Date' charts.

The above image is how a drill down option would look for tasks which have no deadline. 

Follow the image below to see how it works. 

Click on the particular task in the drill down option and you will be directed towards the task. This way there is no hassle of searching for tasks manually in each stage.

This makes work easier to plan and complete.

For instance, Michael is a manager at a firm. He wants to know the status of tasks in the project which is taken up by his team. So, he will check the dashboard and get a fair idea with the help of the charts.

Now, he is spared from looking at each task individually in each stage. So, he clicks on the corresponding bar and there appears the number of tasks with complete info. To see the progress of each individual task, he can click on the task in point. This will lead him to the respective task pane. 

Below is a demo of the extended function of the drill down.

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