The last time we talked about drill it was for Tasks by Type. This time, the same has been introduced for Tasks by Stage(Aging). With the help of the drill down option, you can find the primary info regarding a particular task. 

As seen from the image above, details such as the name of the task, project, project folder, name of the creator, date and time are visible. 

To access the drill down option, click the on any of the bars in the chart. In doing so, a right pane window opens which is the drill down option. Below is a demo for reference. 

You can access from the drill down itself. To do so, click on the particular task and you will be directed to the task window. Below is a demo of the same. 

Adding on, since the chart ‘Tasks by Stage(Aging)’ shows the age of the tasks by days, you can specifically view the details of the tasks in that particular time period using the drill down. 

From the above image, the first bar representing the ‘To do’ tasks have two divisions. The color gold depicts tasks which are 11 days and older and, the color blue depicts tasks which are less than 5 days old. With the help of the drill down, you can narrow in and view the complete details of the tasks. 

When you click the partition representing tasks older than 11 days, the drop down would show the corresponding two tasks. Below is an image of the same. 

Similarly, if you click the below separation showing tasks less than 5 days old, the image would look like the one below. 

Now, that you understand the function of the drill down, let’s understand its use with the help of a scenario. 

Naomi is a social media strategist at a firm. She has numerous tasks that need to be attended that were assigned to her while she was on leave. All she has to do is now head to the dashboard and click the bars in the in chart ‘Tasks by Stage(Aging)’. 

Now, let’s say there are 5 tasks which are older than 11 days and 3 tasks which are 6-10 days old. They are listed under ‘To do’. Now, Naomi has to click the corresponding bars and voila! She can now know the complete list of tasks and other details.  

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