Projects can be copied with Workflow (stages and configuration) and tasks (including title, notes and checklists). 


Let us take an example of a course (ES305) conducted by a University. Now this course has a set of activities for multiple resources with a fixed time schedule. The university sets up the project once and executes it for the course.

Now the same course needs to be conducted the following year with the same set of activities. So the administrator needs a way to "replicate" or copy the original project with a new start date. All that is required is for the Project admin to make a copy of the project using the Copy Project option.

On click of the Copy Project option you will get a pop up as shown below.

The project name can be edited for the new project. Here we have suffixed "- 2017" to denote current year. By default the project Workflow (stages and configuration) are copied. If you need to copy the tasks as well you need to check Tasks (title, notes and checklist). In our use case we need tasks so it's checked. You get an option to select the project start date as well; so if your entire project has tasks planned in a sequence; the same is maintained in the New project with this new start date. The planned date and deadline for the tasks will be relative to the start date you have given.

On click of Copy the new project creation is initiated with an indication as shown below.

Once the project copy completes you get a message as shown below.

The project is visible in the sidebar under the required folder. In this case, "Trenwick University".

The new project has been setup with all tasks similar to the previous project; including completed tasks which have been re-opened.

If you have selected a start date then the plan date and deadline date for the tasks will get re-calculated in relation to this date.

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