Work requests, bug reports may land up in your email inbox; but you find the need to re-direct those to a Zapty project! Here is how that can be achieved.

You have an option 'Send email here' for a project.

You can use this option to either forward emails as a message under the "Messages' tab in a project; or you could also forward an email as a task to any of the blue stages of the project.
The pop up has two sections:

  1. For the email address for sending messages to the Messages TAB
  2. For the email address for forwarding emails to be created as tasks in the selected Blue stage

Selection of stage is from all available 'Blue' stages since new tasks for a project can be created only for blue colored stages.

You can choose to just copy the email ID from the pop up and use it.

Or you could download the vCard via 'Download this email as a contact Click here'. Example below shows how you can import the downloaded vCard into Gmail contact.

Once the email is available in contacts; compose a new message or forward an existing one. In the 'To address' search for the contact using the 'project name'. The contact name is a combination of the project name, the blue stage name and theĀ 

The email Id generated for each blue stage will be unique.

On sending the email you get to see a task under the 'To do' stage as shown below.

This is what it will look like when the task details are viewed.

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